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Wild Celia  – is a brand name which stems directly from my grandmother and mother – both named Celia and the reference to Wild indicates  botanical ingredients of personal interest, that are one-of-a-kind and rarely used in lifestyle scenting.


Every product we create is conscious by nature, committed to a philosophy of formulating with non-gmo ingredients, is against animal testing, uses 100% soy wax and is vegetarian and vegan-friendly – AND smells amazing too!

Meet Marleen du Preez,  Wild Celia Founder

I have for long as I can remember been obsessed with home fragrances and am a constant candle burner. The sensory notion of olfactic expression that enhances personal surroundings, yet - was unable to find anything which allowed me to reminisce about my native homeland in South Africa.


Wishing to create my own compelling range focusing on botanical inspiration, and sustainability the nostalgia of the nomads and fond moments, 

I set about sourcing a special selection of hand-picked, ingredients - unique only to South Africa.  In 2016 I met with farmers in South Africa to get the fragrance samples that I wanted.  

In early 2017 I arrived back with arms full of small bottles of pure oil, fragrant water, dried flowers and leaves and went to brief a skilled perfumer on my concept for a new home scent.

Here the beginning of Wild Celia Botanical Fragrances            

luxury fragranced candles and reed diffusers was born.

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